Wvu environmental mitigation equipment to be phased out in 2020


Wvu is facing mounting pressure to phase out its ageing environmental protection equipment and equipment required for local communities to protect against the effects of climate change, with a decision due in the next few weeks.

The state-owned energy utility has been forced to sell equipment from the 1950s and 60s to local authorities to protect them from the effects the extreme weather events and rising sea levels are causing.

It has also been forced by local councils to sell old equipment to companies such as the European firm Siemens to make up for the lost revenue.

But in the past week, Wvu has announced that it will phase out all of its existing environmental protection technology by the end of 2020.

Its decision is seen as a major blow to Wvu’s ability to meet its commitments under the Renewable Energy Target and to reduce emissions from the power sector.

“It’s a really significant blow to our capacity to meet our target,” Wvu chief executive Ian Scott said.

“Our plan is to deliver zero net emissions by 2020.”

Mr Scott said Wvu was still able to meet the targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We will be able to maintain our current investment into our renewable energy technology, which is vital to us,” he said.

However, it is understood that the government has not ruled out an early date to phase the equipment out, and a decision could be made before the end, rather than the end date of 2020, when the target expires.

The decision has come as the Abbott government pushes ahead with its carbon pricing plan, which aims to price carbon and push up the price of energy, in an effort to combat global warming.

“The Abbott government’s climate change plan will see Australia’s carbon emissions increase by 40 per cent in 2020 and 2030, according to the National Climate Assessment,” Wuxu said.

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