Why you should stop eating fish in Wisconsin


Why you shouldn’t eat fish in Michigan or Wisconsin if you live in a state that is covered by the Wisconsin Environmental Protection Act (WEPA) article Wisconsin environmentalists are gearing up to mount a campaign to ban the sale of tuna and swordfish to the United States.

They have launched a petition drive, and will hold a demonstration on Oct. 13 in Madison to raise awareness about the state’s WEPA protections.

The state is in the midst of a legal battle over the legality of its ban on sales to China, where it is also facing lawsuits over fish exports.

The WEPa is a federal law that restricts imports and exports of endangered species, including shark fins, swordfish, tuna, clams, snapper, anchovies and sword mackerel.

Under the law, a person can’t import or export a fish from one state to another if they are currently prohibited from doing so under WEPas restrictions.

In 2015, a federal court struck down the state law.

The lawsuit was dismissed.

The Wisconsin Fish and Boat Commission voted to repeal the law in December, but in February, the state Supreme Court sided with the Wisconsin Fish & Boat Commission, and ordered the commission to begin enforcing the law again.

“Wisconsin’s Wepa is not the only one that’s affected by the Chinese fish ban,” said Mary Karp, a spokeswoman for the environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth, which is spearheading the campaign.

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) rules are in place to protect U.N. wildlife, including endangered species.

We’re confident that our petition is well-founded and we’ll get it to the highest court.”

The petition drive to end the ban is expected to reach 1.6 million signatures by the end of the week.

If approved, the petition would need to be certified by a federal judge.

If the petition reaches the required 1.06 million signatures, it would go to the U.R.S., the highest judicial body in the country.

If no action is taken, the Wisconsin petition would go before the U,S.

Supreme Court.

“I think this is a very good step forward,” said Michael C. Miller, the president of the American Coalition for Clean Pollution, a Wisconsin environmental group that is part of the campaign, adding that it “will make a difference in our fight against pollution.”

“We’re excited that the courts have finally stepped in and taken this issue seriously.”

The Wisconsin campaign has a number of environmental and social justice-oriented goals, including calling attention to the threat posed by the Uyghur and Chechen tribes to the water supply in Wisconsin, and to the potential for a shark fishery that would disrupt fishing for swordfish.

Miller said the group also wants to pressure the federal government to halt its ban of imports of swordfish from China, and calls for the return of the swordfish exported to the mainland.

In addition to the WEP-approved shark fin trade, the group has also proposed banning the sale to U.K. and Canada of sword mackellettes, which are the product of the shark’s fin.

Miller added that he hopes the Wisconsin campaign will prompt the U.,S.

government to follow through with its promises to halt the sale and return the swordfins.

“This is the first step to ensure that the shark fin ban will never take effect in Wisconsin,” Miller said.

A previous version of this article misidentified the WepA. “

We hope the Trump administration will act quickly to protect these fish, and we hope they’ll also follow through on their pledge to restore the swordfin trade to Wisconsin.”

A previous version of this article misidentified the WepA.

The EPA has changed the wording of the law to reflect its intent.

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