Why you should always wear a face mask


Posted November 02, 2018 05:08:38 If you’re a woman and want to protect your baby from the potentially deadly Zika virus, you might want to consider wearing a face-mask.

The ABC has found that more than one-third of mothers in Australia have used masks, but only a minority have actually worn them.

This is because many mothers don’t feel comfortable or safe wearing face masks.

The masks are used to protect the baby’s eyes, mouth and nose from mosquito bites.

The mask protects your skin from the virus, which can lead to eye and skin infections.

In some cases, the masks can be fatal.

“The masks are extremely important for women to protect themselves,” said Dr Rebecca Brown from the University of Queensland.

“I would encourage mothers to get their own masks, so they can protect themselves and their baby from infection.”

The ABC’s Rachel Martin spoke to a woman who has been wearing a mask for more than three years.

“They were really helpful, so I would wear them,” she said.

“But it was kind of hard to get them off, so it was like, you know, just wearing a pair of gloves, you can’t wear anything underneath, it’s really hard to cover your eyes.”

Dr Brown said the masks could also be effective for preventing a virus spread.

“If a mother has been on a mask, I would be surprised if she didn’t spread the virus,” she told the ABC.

The mask could also save lives: In some countries, masks are not used to control mosquito bites, so mothers are left to use them as a last resort. “

So if a mother is wearing a head-to-toe mask, they are likely to be protected, they’re likely to have less symptoms, they may be less likely to develop symptoms.”

The mask could also save lives: In some countries, masks are not used to control mosquito bites, so mothers are left to use them as a last resort.

“For many mothers who are going into the city to get pregnant, I think they are really concerned about spreading Zika,” Dr Brown explained.

“And so they might be using the mask to avoid the mosquitoes that may be biting them.”

The masks can also protect against malaria.

Dr Brown and Dr Brown also spoke to mothers who have worn a face and body mask for at least three years without developing any symptoms.

“You’re basically wearing a very high-tech device, and it’s very effective,” Dr Cook said.

This can also help to prevent infection in a mosquito-infested environment, Dr Brown added.

“It’s very important to be able to get to the point where you can wear a mask to protect yourself and your baby, and to be aware of the risks of the disease.”

Dr Cook told the CBC that the masks were not designed to protect against all the risks associated with Zika.

“There are some areas where they are actually really effective, but they are very difficult to wear in the field,” she explained.

However, Dr Cook’s advice is to consider a face covering before going to the hospital.

“Don’t wear a helmet, and don’t wear face coverings at home, you could get a rash on your face and it could be very painful,” she added.

It’s also important to avoid mosquito bites while you’re pregnant.

“Just wearing a helmet while you are pregnant is really good advice,” Dr Baker said.

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