Why the environmental movement needs an environmental justice program


President Donald Trump signed an executive order in February that requires the Environmental Protection Agency to establish a $1 trillion “green infrastructure” program that would make the agency a hub for environmental activism and activism for the environment.

That initiative is the latest move to target the environmental community in an effort to counter the Trump administration’s agenda.

While Trump’s environmental agenda has been a divisive one, many have been critical of the administration for failing to address environmental problems.

But environmental advocacy groups say that there are many areas in which the administration has made progress, including its efforts to address climate change, protect public lands, and protect endangered species.

The administration has not only been making moves to address some of the problems the Trump presidency has highlighted, but also addressing the many environmental and economic challenges that the country faces, including a rise in unemployment, a shortage of clean drinking water, a loss of jobs, and an increase in opioid use and overdose deaths.

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has been working to address the impacts of climate change since it was created in 1978, and it is now at the center of efforts to protect the environment and address the impact of climate disruption.

Under the Trump Environmental Protection Act (EPA), the EPA must set an ambitious goal of reducing the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2025.

That goal is a long way from achieving its ambitious goal for 2020, and Trump has been trying to keep up his campaign promises to cut greenhouse gas pollution by at least 30 percent.

The president’s EPA has also been pursuing a variety of initiatives to reduce air pollution from power plants.

But environmental groups say the Trump EPA has not taken any action on the issue of air pollution in general.

In March, for instance, the Trump Department of the Interior announced that it would not require the installation of smog monitors at power plants in the United States, a move that environmental groups decried as an attack on power plants that provide essential services to the nation.

In August, the EPA announced a new rule requiring states to report on carbon dioxide emissions from power stations to the EPA.

The EPA’s efforts to reduce pollution are just the latest in an overall trend toward environmental activism that is growing as the Trump Administration has taken a more confrontational approach to environmental issues.

In April, for example, Trump signed executive orders aimed at fighting climate change that called for the construction of coal-fired power plants, increased fossil fuel drilling in the Arctic, and targeted environmental protection efforts in the U.S. The executive orders also expanded the use of water cannons on protesters, and the president signed another executive order aimed at blocking the construction and use of fracking in the Upper Midwest.

Environmental groups have also expressed concern about the administration’s approach to addressing environmental justice.

A recent report by the American Civil Liberties Union and 350.org found that the Trump White House has made efforts to silence environmental activism.

The report found that several EPA offices have shut down and shut down offices that have sought to address concerns raised by the environmental and human rights groups.

According to the report, the White House was particularly active in trying to shut down environmental groups that were challenging Trump’s climate and energy policies, including the groups Climate Reality Project, the Sierra Club, Earth Island Institute, Environmental Defense Fund, and Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund.

And in the case of the Sierra Project, which is a leading environmental organization working to protect wild places and restore the planet, the administration attempted to shutter the organization.

The Trump administration has also focused heavily on the environment in the past two years.

Environmental Protection Secretary Scott Pruitt, who was confirmed to head the EPA in February, has been criticized for the agency’s use of fossil fuel power plants and the Trump family’s ownership of several fossil fuel companies.

During his confirmation hearing, Pruitt questioned the accuracy of a report from the United Nations that said the Trump transition team had taken a position against the use the Keystone XL pipeline.

The administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, Pruitt said, was “based on the fact that we’re not doing enough to protect this planet.”

Pruitt’s administration has attempted to undermine the Paris agreement in numerous ways.

For instance, Pruitt has threatened to revoke the president’s authority to set climate goals.

And on March 4, the president announced the construction in the northern part of the state of a new coal-powered power plant that would be built near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.

Environmental groups, however, have criticized Pruitt for his actions to limit the use and pollution of coal and other fossil fuels.

Pruitt has also taken steps to increase the use, pollution, and destruction of fossil fuels, according to the groups Corporate Accountability International and 350 Action.

“This is the president who, as attorney general, prosecuted two people in the EPA, and he has the power to shut off the EPA’s ability to do what it’s supposed to do,” Michael Brune, executive director of 350

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