Why Norway needs to take more climate action


Norway is the first country in the world to set a goal of limiting greenhouse gas emissions to no more than 15 per cent of global emissions by the end of this century.

But its ambitious target is not binding, and some environmental groups say the country has failed to implement its plan.

In the last few years, the Norwegian government has set a target to cut CO2 emissions by between 6 per cent and 20 per cent by 2020.

The country is also developing the world’s first CO2-neutral power station.

The climate-smart plan has been criticised by many environmental groups, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which called it an unnecessary burden on the environment.

But Norway’s Environment Minister told the BBC in March that the target would be met, and said that it was important to reduce CO2 levels to a level that would prevent climate change.

What is CO2?

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere when there is enough sunlight to create carbon dioxide.

When there is too little sunlight, it can become more carbon dioxide and so is known as a greenhouse.

It is also produced when plants grow.

How much CO2 is there?

Carbon emissions in the global economy are currently around 1,400 tonnes a year.

It takes around 7 billion tonnes of CO2 to create one tonne of CO 2.

This is equivalent to taking about 10,000 cars off the road and replacing them with zero-emission cars.

The carbon budget is set to be set at $1 trillion by 2020, and to reach $3 trillion by 2050.

Norway has set an ambitious target of reducing CO2 pollution to no less than 15 percent of global carbon emissions by 2020 (Source: WWF) Norway has been one of the world leaders in reducing CO 2 emissions, but it has failed in its ambitious CO2 reduction targets, according to the World Resources Institute (WRI).

The country has set targets to cut greenhouse gas pollution by about 4.6 percent of its energy use by 2020 and by 7.6 per cent over the next two decades.

The government says the targets are necessary to reduce the risk of climate change, and will reduce CO 2 pollution by 20 per a cent by 2030.

What are other countries doing?

A number of countries have also set a reduction target, but there are limits on how much they can reduce emissions.

For example, in some countries, such as Norway, the target is much higher.

For instance, Australia has a target of cutting emissions by 20 percent by 2050, while China has a cut target of 30 percent by 2030, according the World Bank.

In other cases, countries are also able to reduce emissions, with China and the United States both aiming to reduce their emissions by 5 per cent in 2030.

Norway, by contrast, has only a target for reducing emissions to 0.7 percent of their total emissions.

Norway’s government has also set targets for the next 20 years for reducing CO 3 emissions.

In 2030, the country will achieve a total reduction of 15.5 percent of total emissions from CO 2 , with emissions from power generation and transportation accounting for the remaining 4.5 per cent.

In 2050, the number of CO 3 emitted will drop from 6.9 million tonnes to 5.5 million tonnes.

In 2100, emissions will rise from 8.4 million tonnes in 2030 to 14.3 million tonnes by 2050 and from 16.5 billion tonnes to 24.4 billion tonnes by 2100.

What do the figures mean?

This article looks at the figures to compare Norway’s CO 2 reduction targets with those of other countries.

Norway is currently on track to reduce its CO 2 emission by about 5 per a% of its total energy use, or 6.5 tons of CO per tonne.

That means the country is on track for a reduction of around 4.7 billion tonnes CO 2 in 2030 and a reduction rate of 15 per a%.

Norway’s target of achieving a target reduction of about 30 per cent would make it the sixth most CO 2-free country in Europe.

It would also be the first such country to achieve a target on a large scale, according a World Resources Centre analysis.

Australia, which is also on track, is on course to achieve the highest CO 2 reductions by 2050 of any country in its region.

Australia is on a much smaller scale than Norway and is on target to reduce just under 7 per cent CO 2 by 2050 compared with the average reduction of 9 per cent that Norway and other CO2 free countries are on track.

Norway will also be one of only a handful of countries that achieve a CO 2 -free electricity system, with only five other countries having a system that is not completely carbon neutral.

Norway also has a climate-proof electricity grid, which means the electricity that comes from the country’s wind farms and solar farms is not polluting the air, or polluting other countries, or adding to global warming.

The world’s biggest coal mining company, S

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