Why do you hate it when I get a ‘green’ card?


I was recently granted a green card because I was a student studying in the United States, and because I had a doctorate degree in a STEM field.

But I did not qualify for the standard of care required for green cards because I did work in the U.S. as a scientist and research scientist, not as a citizen.

A U.N. official recently called me “a traitor” and “a dangerous person.”

I am a human being with a life.

My country has the right to decide whether I am allowed to work.

If they do not, they will be forced to change their minds.

I have not been given any time to think about my future.

This is an unprecedented situation that will make my life more difficult and I will be unable to find a job in the future.

The government has made it clear that I am not allowed to apply for green card if I have a criminal conviction.

This will be a death sentence for me and will deprive me of my future, as well as my health insurance and pension.

The government has also said that I cannot apply for a green visa for five years after my release from prison.

If I do not apply for another green visa within five years, I will face deportation to my home country.

My lawyer told me that if I cannot find a lawyer, I should file a lawsuit against the United Kingdom government.

What will happen to me if I am denied a green-card?

The government can impose the death sentence on me if it decides to deport me, or if the British government decides to refuse to take me back.

It can also take away my citizenship.

I am worried about my health, and it is impossible to stay in the country if I lose my passport.

The U.K. is the only country in the world that has a law that grants amnesty to foreign criminals.

What if I need to return to the U

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