Which state is best equipped to protect its environment?


Minnesota is home to some of the nation’s most endangered species and a growing number of natural resource-related crises, but it also has the resources to be an active environmental steward.

Here are five of the state’s most environmentally sustainable states: 1.

Minnesota’s Wildfire ServiceMinnesota’s state wildfire response team includes both a public-private partnership and a private-sector partnership.

The fire service is funded entirely by taxpayers, which means that it’s not beholden to outside interests like big oil or coal companies.

But, as the Minnesota Wildfire Protection Council points out, it has been the first state to require that its public lands be designated as “wildfire-proof” in the event of a major fire, a goal that was supported by the National Park Service in 2011.

As the Minnesota Wildlife Federation (MWF) explained in a recent article, this policy was “supported by the state and federal governments and endorsed by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”

So, it was a win-win for everyone involved.


Minnesota has the most open water on the West CoastThe state’s lakes, rivers and streams are all under the purview of the Department of Natural Resources.

This means that the state can safely develop, develop, and develop.

The department also has oversight of Minnesota’s forests, lakes and streams, which is the backbone of the Great Lakes ecosystem.


The state’s forest fire mitigation program is among the best in the country Minnesota has an extensive forest fire management program, which has saved more than $3 billion in fire suppression costs since 2005.

The federal government has been responsible for most of the program’s costs.

It’s also the state with the most firefighters in the nation, according to the Bureau of Land Management.


It has a climate-controlled greenhouse gas reduction programThe state has a large greenhouse gas emissions reduction program, and it is one of the top ten in the U

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