Which is the environmental protection suit against Donald Trump?


A former federal prosecutor is suing President Donald Trump, claiming he violated federal environmental law by using federal land and waters to expand his golf resort and other development in violation of the Antiquities Act.

The lawsuit filed Thursday in a New York federal court contends Trump has violated the 1906 Antiquities Protection Act by expanding his golf course and other developments in the U.S. since taking office, and that he has failed to comply with the Clean Water Act.

“These alleged violations are egregious and violate the constitutional rights of Native Americans and others, and are not only detrimental to the environment, but also the rights of the nation’s people,” the lawsuit says.

“The Antiquities and Clean Water Acts were enacted to protect lands and waters from development, and their enforcement is a vital element of the protection of the United States’ natural resources and heritage.”

The suit, filed by attorney Michael E. Rosenfeld of the Environmental Justice Center, argues that Trump’s actions violate the 1906 act, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Drinking Water Act, all of which protect the environment.

The plaintiffs, all former federal prosecutors, include a former U.N. official, an environmentalist, environmental groups and the state of New York.

They have filed an opposition brief supporting their suit.

Rosenfeld says Trump’s use of federal lands and waterways to expand the golf course has damaged the environment and endangered native plants and animals.

The suit is the latest legal challenge to the president’s controversial use of public lands.

The president has faced a string of legal challenges to his actions and policies, including a lawsuit from environmentalists and environmental groups who say he is not complying with the Constitution’s prohibition on federal usurpation of state authority and is violating the Clean Power Plan.

Trump has denied the allegations, which have caused a stir in the political and legal landscape in Washington, D.C.

The Environmental Protection Agency said it is reviewing the lawsuit and would not comment on pending litigation.

environmental protection environmental protection suit

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