When Will the Environmental Protection Agency End Its Corporate Protection?


Posted February 04, 2019 04:33:54The Environmental Protection and Hazard Protection Agency (EPA) has been known to have some of the most powerful political ties in Washington.

Now that the EPA is headed by Scott Pruitt, the man who will oversee it, the agency is poised to become the leading political force in the country.

The agency has been a major driver of the Trump administration’s agenda on a variety of fronts, from the climate to health and environmental regulation.

Now, its power is being threatened by the incoming Trump administration.

Scott Pruitt, a longtime ally of President Donald Trump, is poised on January 1 to become EPA administrator.

The news of Pruitt’s appointment was first reported by Politico, which reported that the administration is looking to remove a “major hurdle to his nomination.”

Pruitt’s appointment would allow him to become a permanent member of the executive branch and to make significant changes to the EPA’s rules and policies.

Pruitt’s nomination is expected to be approved by the Senate.

In an interview with NBC News, Pruitt said that the appointment would give him “great confidence that we can continue to move forward.”

“We’re in a very dangerous time in our country, and this appointment will give us a great confidence that that’s the right thing to do,” Pruitt said.

“And I’ll do everything I can to ensure that this is done in a way that is consistent with the laws of the United States.”

The president-elect, who campaigned on promises to put an end to the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, is also expected to nominate several other senior members of his administration to fill the vacancies.

The EPA is a federal agency tasked with protecting the environment, public health, consumer protection, food safety and other public health and safety concerns.

Under Pruitt, it has come under heavy criticism for its environmental policies.

During his time at the EPA, Pruitt helped shape the agency’s climate change rulemaking process, which is aimed at reducing carbon emissions from the power sector.

Pruitt also pushed for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would have allowed energy companies to bypass environmental regulations and build the Dakota River and the Missouri River.

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