When was the last time the world’s environmental movement stopped to appreciate what we could do?


FourFourSeconds ago, in the early hours of Friday morning, four activists from the environmental group Greenpeace were detained in Cambodia by Cambodian authorities. 

The activists had been attempting to set up a protest camp on the Thai border with Laos when the police arrived and demanded they leave the country.

The activists were subsequently arrested, charged with incitement of separatism and sentenced to 14 years in prison. 

Their arrest has since been condemned by international organisations, including the United Nations, and sparked an unprecedented international protest movement. 

A week later, the same activists were released, but were held on bail and have since been forced to wear an orange jumpsuit and orange jumpsuits while being held in Cambodia. 

“This has been an incredibly difficult situation for us and for all of us in the environmental movement, and we’re deeply sorry for our failure to act sooner,” Greenpeace said in a statement on Monday. 

Now, after the arrests of the activists, there has been some respite in the international environmental movement.

On Sunday, activists from across the world, including Greenpeace, joined the UN-sponsored International Day of Action against the Killing of Migratory Birds (IDAM) in Thailand, in response to the recent arrest of the five activists.

“Today we take the opportunity to reaffirm the importance of protecting migratory birds, and to show our solidarity with the people of Cambodia and around the world who are facing this challenge,” said Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director Peter Harrold. 

While the activists will be allowed to go home, it is unlikely that they will be able to return to Cambodia until the International Day for the Protection of Migrant Birds is over.

The activist community is hopeful that the international movement can work together to end the killing of migratory bird species.

As a whole, we are optimistic that we can put a stop to the killing.

It is important to remember that birds, like humans, are not disposable objects to be discarded, they are important part of ecosystems, and must be protected. 

By the end of the day, it’s likely that more than 50 bird species will be killed in Cambodia each day, according to the Cambodia Wildlife Fund.

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