‘We’re a little tired’: Florida environmentalists tell the truth about ‘black swans’


Florida’s environmental protection agency is in hot water after a series of reports on the impact of climate change on endangered species.

But now it is facing a backlash.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the state’s environmental agency, recently released a study on climate change, with a title called “The Black Swans Are Coming: Climate Change and Florida’s Wildlife.”

The report found that climate change has already contributed to an increase in the number of invasive species that are threatening Florida’s wildlife and natural resources.

The report also showed that climate-related declines in Florida’s bird population have also increased in recent years.

The report also highlighted the impact climate change is having on Florida’s water resources.

Florida’s natural resources include all types of water resources including aquifers and lakes.

The state’s water quality and quality is the best in the country, and that has been a major contributor to the continued development of the state.

But the report found the water resources are also under pressure due to the effects of climate-change.

In fact, the report shows that climate changes are increasing water stress in a number of areas.

The water stress affects the aquifines in the state as well.

These are the freshwater ecosystems that hold the water that the state relies on for water, food, and drinking water.

And if the water stress becomes greater, that means there is less water available to those ecosystems.

Florida’s aquifine systems rely on a combination of the Florida Aqueduct and the Miami River for drinking water, as well as water from the Gulf of Mexico.

These systems also depend on the Florida Keys for fishing, tourism, and tourism.

But when the climate changes, the water system will no longer be able to operate as it does now, according to the report.

The Miami River, which supplies the Miami International Airport, is now under water stress, and is being drained.

And the water quality in the Miami Keys is becoming worse due to changes in runoff, and the threat of more invasive species.

These changes are happening because of climate changes.

And it’s happening because our government is not taking climate change seriously enough.

We’ve done a lot of good things over the last 20 years.

But when you look at the impacts of climate, it’s not really clear to us how we’re going to continue to do that.

This article was originally published by Newsweek and is reprinted here with permission.

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