Trump environmental protection Commission: EPA Administrator Will Be Trump’s “Green President”


President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has made it clear that he’s more interested in environmental protection than he is in cutting taxes and slashing regulations.

As the Republican Party continues to struggle with the GOP’s health care plan, Trump is taking a page from Pruitt’s playbook and appointing a Trump-like green administrator.

The Trump administration is moving aggressively to roll back the EPA’s efforts to curb pollution from power plants, coal-fired power plants and other polluters.

In his confirmation hearing on Thursday, Pruitt said he will “dismantle the Environmental Protections Agency” by repealing regulations like the Clean Power Plan and the Clean Water Rule.

Pruitt has repeatedly said he wants to repeal the rules to cut regulations.

The EPA, which regulates carbon dioxide emissions from power stations and other sources, has also pushed to eliminate or weaken other rules that protect public health and the environment.

He said in a recent Senate hearing that the agency should “end the regulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere” because it’s “not a pollutant.”

He also said he opposes EPA rules like the ozone rule that would allow states to set limits on how much ozone they can pollute.

Pruitt, who’s been nominated for EPA administrator, is a longtime critic of the agency.

His opposition to the Clean Air Act and the Waters of the United States rule were among the main reasons why he was not confirmed by the Senate.

His nomination was approved by the House last month, but it’s not clear if he will get his confirmation vote on the Senate floor until Friday.

Pruitt also called the EPA “the enemy of the American people” during his confirmation hearings.

The agency has been criticized for its heavy-handed regulation of air pollution, including the controversial ozone rule.

The administration is also pushing to dismantle the Clean Jobs Act, which protects workers from discrimination based on their union status.

The rules would make it harder for workers to join unions and require them to pay more into a fund that is supposed to be used to support sick leave and benefits.

The House voted to kill the bill in February.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said in an interview with The Associated Press in March that the EPA is the enemy of “the American people.”

In a video of the interview, Pruitt called the agency “the real enemy of America.”

He said the agency is “out of control” and “has gone out of control.”

The EPA’s regulations on carbon dioxide have also been called a “war on coal” and have caused “significant economic damage” in some parts of the country.

environmental protection commission trump environmental protections

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