The EPA’s Environmental Protection Agency is looking to gut environmental protections


The Environmental Protection and Cleanup Agency (EPA) is moving forward with plans to slash protections for some of the world’s most vulnerable and vulnerable species, according to a report from The Intercept.

The agency is looking at scrapping a number of environmental protections as part of its plans to scale back the agency’s enforcement powers.

The report details that the EPA is looking for a way to repeal the Endangered Species Act, a law that requires federal agencies to protect endangered species in order to save the environment.

It also said that the agency is considering repealing the Endangerment Finding Act, which requires that federal agencies protect threatened species in their own right.

The Endangered Wildlife Conservation Act also was a topic of discussion among EPA staffers during a February meeting, according the report.

The plan, which the EPA will seek to finalize before the end of the year, would slash protections across the board, with the most significant moves coming to the Endemic Species Act and the Endangers Act.

The Act requires federal departments to assess threats to the species, and in the case of Endangered species, requires that the department “provide assistance to States and other States in order for them to mitigate threats to threatened species.”

Under the Endthreatened Species Act the EPA would be able to take action against any state that fails to protect threatened or endangered species, but that would be subject to a review by the courts.

The EPA could also consider removing the End Endangered Water Quality Act, but this would be more complicated.

In the Endothermic Species Act a species is considered endangered if it faces extinction in the wild.

Under the new plan, a species would be considered endangered even if the state or local government has failed to act to protect it, or if there is a strong case to be made that the species should be protected.

The end of Endothermics Act was a point of contention between the EPA and the states, who are generally wary of any regulatory changes.

However, the EPA did end up repealing the law, and now states have more leeway to implement their own policies regarding protecting threatened and endangered species.

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