Taiwan’s air pollution: ‘A new kind of environmental protection’


Taiwan’s air quality is among the worst in Asia, and the latest polluting event is a new kind, according to Taipei’s air agency.

Taiwan has been experiencing a rapid rise in the number of premature deaths and deaths related to airborne pollution, particularly in cities such as Taipei and Shanghai, as well as in rural areas, according the World Health Organization.

In the latest issue of the agency’s Environmental Protection and Health Monitoring Service, Taiwan’s environment ministry published the results of its latest study of air pollution, released this week, which showed that Taipei was now the worst-polluting city in the region.

The study said the pollution levels in Taipei are “a new kind” compared to those of previous years, and are at levels that are “still higher than most of the world’s cities.”

In other words, it’s a new level of pollution that “has not been seen in a long time.”

The study found that the total number of air pollutants daily exceeded China’s national limit by 30 percent, and that Taipeans’ exposure to pollutants in Taipean cities “is higher than that of many countries, such as Japan, Australia and New Zealand.”

Taipei’s pollution is also “higher than in most Asian countries, where air quality has improved.”

The Taipei government is taking measures to address the pollution problem, including the installation of “air quality monitors” to monitor air quality in cities and towns.

It is also encouraging citizens to use public transportation to reduce their exposure to airborne pollutants.

The city government has also established “safety zones” in areas where people live or work, and has asked for citizens to sign up for air-pollution monitoring programs.

“We are determined to fight air pollution and to prevent the spread of the disease that causes it,” said Environment Minister Chiang Kai-shek.

The government has recently launched a campaign to educate people about the health risks of air exposure to harmful particles, such the ozone layer, particulate matter and particulate smog.

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