How to Stop The War Against Nature


Here are the five key steps you can take to stop the war against nature.


Be More Than a “Good Samaritan”2.

Make It Personal3.

Don’t Just Agree with the Environment4.

Be Creative5.

Take A Stand7.

Find Out What’s Going On With The War on Nature9.

Help Out Your Local Area10.

Stop Killing Wildlife11.

Join a Local Environmentalist12.

Take Control of Your Environment13.

Be a Good Neighbor14.

Get InvolvedIn this article, we’ll explore how to protect nature in your neighborhood.1.

Be more than a “good Samaritan.”

The first thing you should do is learn how to identify signs of environmental degradation.

It is important to note that you do not need to get involved with a cause just to be involved with the community.

If you see signs of pollution or degradation in your area, take action.

The more people you support, the better.2.

Don, do not agree with the environment.

This is a tough one, especially for those of us who live in the city or who are not accustomed to working with people who live far away from us.

Don´t try to help someone else just because they live near you.

You do not have to agree with their position on issues, but it is better to have someone you can be on good terms with.3.

Be creative.

Do not just agree with your neighbor on everything.

Do something you like, do something you think will make a difference.

If it takes your own efforts, that is ok, too.4.

Take charge of your environment.

Do your part to help the environment by taking responsibility for your own environment.

If your neighborhood has a tree that needs to be cut down or a garbage dump that needs a pick-up, be responsible and get involved.

This will make the environment better.5.

Find out what’s going on with the war on nature.

If the government wants to destroy nature and its habitats, it can do that.

But we can also fight back.

Learn more about the environmental movement at

nafta environmental protection

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