How to Save the Arctic for Ourselves and Our Kids


A new book on the future of the Arctic and the impacts it could have on human society and the planet is out.

It’s called Arctic Climate Resistance and the author, John Lefkowitz, is one of the authors of the book.

He spoke with National Geographic about how the Arctic is changing.

[This transcript has been edited for length and clarity.]

So what is Arctic Climate Resistance?

The Arctic is the most vulnerable climate system in the world.

It has been melting at a pace of 1.5 degrees Celsius per year for the last five decades.

The ice caps are melting at twice the rate as the rest of the planet.

That means that the Arctic will be vulnerable to warming, with a higher rate of sea level rise and more extreme weather.

It is the fastest-warming place on the planet, with warming temperatures and the fastest rate of melting of ice caps.

It will be the most extreme region on Earth.

We don’t have a plan for how to protect it.

We’re not going to have a strategy to protect the climate system.

We’ve done what we could to mitigate the impacts of the warming climate, but the warming is still there.

What are the main ways that we can protect the Arctic climate?

First of all, the Arctic has two distinct types of ice.

It can be thick ice that covers vast areas.

If you think of the continental United States as a blanket, then the Arctic covers more than half of that.

The Arctic Ocean, which is what makes up the vast majority of the sea ice, is also thick.

It covers a lot of land, which means that we need to protect this land, and that means we need a plan to protect coastal communities in coastal areas.

What happens if the Arctic melts?

First, the sea will continue to rise, and it will bring sea levels higher, and so it will create more flooding.

This is going to affect all coastal communities, and people who live along these coastal communities will be impacted the most.

And there are a number of places that are at risk, because the ice is so thick that coastal flooding will happen more quickly.

Second, it will be a huge barrier to the development of new energy sources, because it’s a very sparsely populated area.

It also means that if you build a new plant that is going in a coastal area, it’s going to be very hard to make it economically viable, because they have to build a pipeline for electricity that runs into the sea.

The third problem is that the sea is a huge sinkhole, and we have already had a lot in the Arctic Ocean.

The Antarctic is also a sinkhole.

We have also had a huge hole in the Antarctic.

So, there are many other factors that contribute to the rapid loss of ice cover in the Northern Hemisphere.

How can we protect the environment?

First and foremost, we need people to be responsible stewards of our resources.

We need to be more responsible stewards for our energy resources.

That is why we need carbon markets, where you can buy a little bit of carbon to pay for a lot more emissions.

There are a lot different ways that you can do that, but one of them is to invest in energy efficiency.

There is a growing number of countries around the world that are making great strides in developing carbon markets and making energy efficient.

One of the things that people forget is that energy efficiency is actually cheaper than new fossil fuel.

The United States has made tremendous strides in making energy more efficient, and other countries are catching up.

But the reality is that it’s still expensive to use energy to power our cars, our homes, and to run our factories.

We are going to need a much more aggressive energy system to make sure that we have energy in the future that’s going for a good long time.

So the next time you’re in a car, if you’re not using energy to drive it, it is going into a landfill, and if you are using energy, it goes into a power plant, and the amount of carbon that you are emitting in a year is going toward a landfill.

We also need to build up infrastructure to make life easier for people in coastal communities.

We already have some of the most expensive housing in the developed world.

There needs to be a lot less land use in coastal cities, so we need better infrastructure, better housing, and better roads.

So what can we do?

We need more people to start thinking about how we can help them.

I think a lot is going on in our country right now that is putting a lot pressure on people who are not doing well.

They have less and less money to help themselves and less and fewer options to get help.

There’s a lot that we should be doing that we shouldn’t be doing.

So we have to start paying attention to people.

There has to be an emphasis on helping people, particularly those who are struggling, to find work.

The number of

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