How to save millions of dollars in CO2 emissions from power plants


Posted November 17, 2018 07:15:22A new study by a leading think tank shows how much CO2 from power stations in Scotland and the UK could be saved by switching to renewable energy sources, like wind and solar.

Key points:The report is based on an analysis of power plants operating in ScotlandThe report shows the amount of CO2 emitted from each plant depends on the type of fuelThe report was published in the latest issue of the journal Environmental Research Letters.

The study, by the Scottish Environmental Policy Centre (SEPC), is based off an analysis that shows the value of the CO2 saved by the UKs power stations.

In Scotland, wind power and solar power account for more than half of the electricity generated in Scotland, but they are not the cheapest.

To help understand how much electricity is being saved by renewables in Scotland the Scottish Government has released a report, The Scottish Power Industry Benefits Report, which uses a simple methodology to compare the costs and benefits of different types of energy.

According to the SEPC, this is the most comprehensive assessment of the energy sector in Scotland that has been undertaken to date.

“The Scottish Government is looking at the cost and benefits for all of our energy users in the Scottish Parliament and across the UK,” said the group’s director, Simon Hutton.

“This report will provide further insight into how the energy market works in Scotland as well as providing the necessary information to the Government to make decisions on whether to adopt new technologies.”

“This new study shows just how much our country can benefit from energy savings and renewable energy as we move to a low-carbon future,” he added.

“It also highlights that renewables are a viable option for the future, and the Scottish Power industry Benefits Report will help inform the Government’s decision on whether or not to pursue this strategy.”

“The report presents the facts and figures to show that the benefits to Scottish energy users from renewable energy are substantial,” he said.

“We hope this will help the Scottish Executive, Scottish Government and the rest of the UK decide on whether we should adopt this new energy technology.”

The report looks at the impact of the wind power industry on energy consumption across the Scottish electricity sector, which has seen a significant increase in recent years.

The Scottish Power Association (SPAA) estimated in the report that, if the current wind turbine manufacturing plant at Aberdeenshire were to shut down, the total electricity produced from the wind sector would drop by between 15% and 22% and the electricity produced by solar and solar thermal would drop as much as 40%.

“This is a major opportunity for Scottish energy consumers, which is why the Scottish government has invested heavily in renewable energy,” said SPAA director of policy, Dr. Richard Boyd.

“Scotland’s current power plants produce about a third of our electricity, and we need a strong energy infrastructure to meet the needs of the people who live and work in our region.”

Aberdeenshires new wind farm is one example of what a strong wind energy sector can deliver, with the potential to help deliver energy security and provide an important lifeline for the Scottish economy.

“These figures show the benefits for Scotland’s energy users and businesses.

We look forward to seeing the results of this research, and continuing to support the renewable energy sector as it works towards a sustainable future.”

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