How to make your home cleaner


Make sure your house is clean and free of harmful chemicals by following these simple guidelines.1.

Clean and disinfect everything inside your home, including carpets, walls, floors, appliances, and furniture.2.

Replace all the chemicals in your home with clean ones, and use only the safest and most effective ones.3.

Clean the carpets and floors in your house as well as in other rooms of your home.4.

Put all the carpeting and floors and appliances in a plastic bag.5.

Place a clean towel over each corner of the carpet.6.

Place your towels in a clean container.7.

Clean your kitchen cabinets and countertops.8.

Clean all the electrical wiring and fixtures in your apartment, home, or office.9.

Wash and dry your car.10.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the carpet and flooring.11.

Use bleach to remove grease and grime from carpets.12.

Keep all your carpets clean and dry, as well.13.

Replace any broken or damaged carpets or furniture with new ones.14.

Use only clean, durable carpeting and trim.15.

Replace carpeting that has fallen on hard surfaces, such as the floor.16.

Make sure the carpet is in good condition and is not covered in grime or debris.17.

Keep your furniture and appliances clean and safe.18.

Clean up after yourself and your children.19.

Wash your car after each use.20.

Replace your clothes every three to four years.21.

Never use bleach or any other chemical if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.22.

Never put your baby to bed or use a diaper.23.

Do not use bleach in the bathroom or while cleaning a room.24.

Keep the air and water outside your home at a constant level.25.

Never leave children unattended in a car or apartment while it is being cleaned.26.

Never have any kind of open flame in your room or car.27.

Keep pets indoors and away from any electrical outlets.28.

Do your best to not get pet food in your eyes.29.

Always wear protective clothing, even if you have been wearing a protective clothing.30.

Do all of the following at the beginning of the month:• Take all your household products into the pantry and buy all the products you need.• Keep a supply of canned fruits and vegetables in the pantries.• Put the food pantry stocked with fresh fruits and veggies in the garage.• Use a large dishwasher or vacuum cleaner on a daily basis to clean the refrigerator and the pantrys.• Bring the water to the boil at least once a day and not less than once a week.• Take a few small cans of soda into the refrigerator.31.

Clean, sanitize and disinfect all windows, doors, and vents.32.

Replace windows, blinds, and curtains with clear ones.33.

Keep a large container of fresh water and soap in your car’s trunk.34.

Do a routine household cleaning at least every two weeks.35.

Wash the countertops of your kitchen appliances and other appliances.36.

Use water-based dish soap instead of dish soap that contains bleach.37.

Keep fresh towels and cloths at home and always wash them.38.

Use soap and water for dishwashing.39.

Do regular laundry every other day and keep a container of dishwashing detergent at home.40.

Use detergent and soap on all dishes, surfaces, and utensils to make dishes easier to clean.41.

Use laundry detergent on all surfaces and dishes.42.

Make a laundry list and keep it handy.43.

Clean any food that has been placed in the fridge.44.

Clean dishes thoroughly, as often as possible, with dishwashing soap.45.

Never clean a dish with dish soap and dish detergent.46.

Wash any dishwasher with soap and detergent every four to six hours.47.

Clean windows and doors in the home every two hours.48.

Use dishwashing cloths or detergent-free dishwashing paper instead of the regular dish soap.49.

Keep clean towels and toilet paper at home, but never put them in the dishwasher.50.

Do laundry daily and wash all surfaces in the house, even under your carpet.51.

Do the following daily to help keep your home and yard in good repair:• Put dishwashing clothes, towels, and other items that you use daily in the washing machine.• Make sure to clean carpets daily.• Clean windows, including windows in your garage, when the air conditioner is turned on.52.

Never open a window that is not completely closed.53.

Keep dust and debris out of the home and out of your yard.54.

Make the bedding you use every day, every night, and on weekends

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