How to make sure that the climate changes


I’ve seen this question a lot lately, so I’m not sure if I should reply to it or not.

Here are my thoughts: 1.

Do not make the climate change issue a political issue.


We need to stop making excuses for climate change.


The IPCC reports show that humans are causing the warming of the planet.


We are destroying our oceans, lakes, forests, rivers and wildlife by burning fossil fuels and building new ones.


It is a fact that we need to clean up our air and water, and we have a lot of work to do. 6.

We cannot solve climate change without doing more to reduce CO2 emissions.


We will probably have to go to space for a while to solve this problem, but we have lots of money, technology, and knowledge to make that happen.


As I said above, I’m all for science.

But it would be nice if we could see the science.


The scientific consensus on climate change is in.

It’s a fact.

It has been for decades.

And the scientific consensus is not a political one.

It can be argued, argued, and argued again, and again.


The fact that the IPCC reports indicate that humans cause climate change should not be used to justify action.

If the IPCC is going to get all this money, it’s going to have to prove to us that it’s accurate and complete.


The science is clear.

We can all agree that there are serious consequences of our behavior, and it is going for us.

But to pretend otherwise is to pretend that humans caused climate change when there’s no scientific evidence.


The people who make climate change denial are not in the scientific community.

They are the fossil fuel industry.

They want the government to take more and more money to keep the pollution going.

They believe that they are entitled to it because of the profit they make off of it. 13.

The majority of scientists agree with the scientific fact that humans have caused climate and that there is a global warming problem.

The vast majority of people who disagree with this scientific fact are scientists.

The climate change debate is a public debate.

And we need all of the people who are on the scientific side of the debate to be on the same side.


The public has the right to know how much money is being spent on trying to fight climate change and what it is doing.

The money is the only way to know what is going on.

There is no such thing as scientific consensus, and no one is denying that.

I would just say this: if you want to make money off of the climate debate, you should spend money on fighting climate change instead of trying to discredit the science by denying that there’s any scientific consensus.


The biggest climate change threat we face right now is the burning of fossil fuels.

So you need to make it clear to the public that you are not doing anything to fight the problem.


If we are going to make any progress on climate, we need as much scientific information as possible about the threat of climate change, because we need that information to act.

If you have to spend money trying to hide that information from the public, you are doing it wrong.


We also need to be aware of how to protect ourselves and our future generations from climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

That’s why we need clean energy.

So don’t just deny that there exists a problem.

Be sure that we are acting on it. 18.

The real problem with the climate denial is that the denialists are taking the money from the fossil fuels industry and using it to attack climate change research.

So we need better science about how to prevent future climate disasters, which we will be able to do through reducing CO2 pollution and protecting our air, water, land, and resources.


It would be great if the politicians and policy makers in Washington, D.C., were as honest as the scientists.

If they truly believed that the fossil-fuel industry is a threat to our future, then they should not take money from them and spend it to fight a scientific debate about the reality of climate.


The next time someone tries to tell you that climate change has nothing to do with humans, remind them that the scientific evidence shows that humans can cause climate and we are destroying the environment.

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