How to help fight Trump’s Dakota Access Pipeline with #NoDAPL: Learn how you can get involved in a peaceful and nonviolent way


The Dakota Access pipeline is not going to be stopped.

As I have said for years, it will not be stopped, and will not get stopped.

We need to get to work immediately.

We will make sure this never happens again.

Our communities are watching closely and we will use every tool in our power to ensure that the Dakota Access project never gets off the ground.

The president and the state of North Dakota have every right to defend themselves, but we must be clear that our lives and our rights are at stake.

We are all in this together.

I am pleased to be joined by the people of North Carolina and the people from around the country who will stand up to defend our rights and our communities.

The Dakota access pipeline will create jobs and prosperity in North Carolina, which is why I am so grateful to be here today with Governor McCrory.

We must keep our focus on ensuring that the people have the resources they need to protect their communities.

This pipeline is a stain on our state and on our nation.

I hope that all of you will join us at the North Carolina State Capitol to demand that our governor immediately halt the construction of this dangerous and destructive pipeline.

I also thank all of our allies in the region and all of the people who are supporting us.

This is a fight that needs to be fought.

Let us not forget that we have to work together to ensure our rights as Americans are protected and that we do not let them be trampled.

Thank you.

Governor McCory, we need to start this work together.

The first step is to stand up and stand up for our rights.

Governor: Governor, thank you.

Senator Burr, thank yor group of senators who have signed the letter.

The letter is the latest in a string of protests against the Dakota access project in North Dakota.

This week, more than 200 people gathered in Raleigh to protest the pipeline and hundreds of protesters marched through downtown Charlotte, Charlotte and Columbia, N.C. On Saturday, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in New York City to protest against the pipeline.

In a statement released by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the protesters said, “The Dakota Access Oil Pipeline is the most recent attack on Native American sovereignty and the continuation of centuries of oppression.”

They also said, “”It is a dangerous pipeline, which will ultimately destroy our water, land and cultural sites.

This destructive project threatens to kill our children and families, and the Dakota Sioux are already at grave risk.

“The Dakota pipeline is owned by Energy Transfer Partners, which was formed in 2015.

It is currently under construction by Energy Delivery Partners, a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, a major oil and gas company.

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