How to fight the ‘fake news’ craze


Posted October 02, 2018 04:11:51 It’s the age-old battle for journalism.

If you want to do journalism, you must fight the fake news machine.

This is how.

In fact, this is how you will fight the media’s own fake news obsession.

It’s not enough to say that fake news is an affront to the truth.

It is also not enough just to point out that the story is a lie.

It also requires a full debunking.

You must present all of the facts and then present them as true.

And in the end, the truth must prevail.

That’s the lesson learned from the fake-news craze.

It has infected the news industry and its citizens.

Journalists, in particular, have been caught in a vicious circle.

The fake-media narrative is so pervasive, so easily refuted, that even the most skeptical of journalists will fall for it.

And so, the media is becoming increasingly dependent on the government and politicians to deliver the news.

And it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the public to find the truth and challenge the government’s lies.

So, it is no surprise that the fake stories are spreading faster than the truth itself.

In an effort to combat the spread of fake news, a number of news organizations have begun making public statements condemning it and publishing detailed reports on how to combat it.

In recent years, the most prominent of these organizations are the organizations that are dedicated to reporting the truth in the public interest.

The Guardian is an American news organization that specializes in covering the world’s news.

Its mission is to “provide a safe and secure home for journalists, information providers, governments and the free press in a democratic society.”

The Guardian has issued several statements on the subject of fake-stories and the fake media.

The first of these was issued in 2016 by the Guardian’s Executive Director, Tim Berners-Lee.

In his statement, Berners the co-founder of the World Wide Web and the Internet said that, “fake news is not news.

It exists because of the way the media operates.

If we continue to let this happen, it will spread to other parts of the world, harming our ability to do our jobs.”

The second of these statements came in 2016 from the executive director of the BBC, Chris Patten.

Patten wrote that, “[a]ny attempt to combat fake news online is a form of censorship, designed to silence the voices of truth.”

He went on to say, “If the mainstream media can be shut down, what hope does the rest of us have?”

In his 2017 statement, the editor of the Guardian, James Harding, said that fake-content is not a threat to the news media.

He also said that there are a number factors that contribute to fake-story creation, such as the “overly optimistic view that the news will be delivered with a sense of impartiality.”

He said that the media needs to “reframe the debate around the issue of fake content.”

These statements are just the tip of the iceberg.

The problem is, the fake story is spreading.

In 2016, the Washington Post published an article titled, “The new fake news,” in which it noted that the “fake media” is “worsening in scope, scope and scope of its reach.”

It then stated that, while the fake outlets may not be the worst offenders, they are now “among the most pervasive in their reach.”

The Washington Post went on, “They’re spreading like wildfire, from the most innocuous, to the most inflammatory.”

The article cited examples from the U.K. Guardian, the New York Times, and other media outlets.

And as if all of this wasn’t enough, the paper went on and mentioned that the Fake News and Fake News Machines “are proliferating in ways that can’t be overstated.”

The fake news industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar business, with tens of millions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide.

And the government has used fake news to attack and threaten journalists and citizens.

In May 2017, the House of Representatives passed a resolution, titled “A bill to combat Fake News, and Countering Fake News in Journalism Act of 2017.”

The resolution was passed in response to the Fake-News Act passed by the U

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