How to avoid the federal government’s ‘war on coal’


EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has ordered the agency to remove the term “coal-fired power plants” from its website and to stop using the term when referring to existing coal-fired plants.

The move comes after the Trump administration ordered the EPA to revise its standards for coal-burning power plants.

It will now say that new coal-fueled power plants are those that are being built to replace existing plants.

Pruitt’s order is an effort to get the agency’s standards in line with federal standards and to make them more transparent.”EPA will no longer use the term ‘coal-burning’ or any other reference to a coal-powered power plant as a description of existing coal plants,” Pruitt said in a memo dated June 8.

“EPA’s proposed rule is based on our knowledge of the facts, data, and analysis.

EPA will continue to work with stakeholders to develop effective policy and regulatory solutions that protect the health and safety of all Americans, including communities that are served by coal-electric power plants.”

Pruitt said the EPA will begin working with stakeholders and state and local governments to update its standards and standards for other types of power plants, including wind, solar and biofuel.

He also said the agency will take steps to ensure the “quality of the information available about power plant pollution.”

The EPA has been working on revisions to its Clean Air Act for more than a decade, including a rule to require federal agencies to review the quality of the data they provide about air pollution.

EPA had also issued a voluntary rule in 2014 that was intended to require the EPA and other federal agencies that produce environmental data to make it available to the public, but Pruitt said it was not updated.

He said that EPA had not followed the voluntary rule and it was too late.

The new EPA rule will require that data produced by federal agencies be made available to researchers at EPA’s national laboratories.

Pruitt said that the EPA is not doing a good job of protecting its data and that the agency is now required to make the data available to states and communities.

“Federal agencies are currently required to release information to the American people and the public about their efforts to meet air quality standards, but EPA is required to comply with the law to do so,” Pruitt wrote.

The EPA is also moving to make more clear that coal-power plants will be subject to pollution rules, Pruitt said.

“Federal agencies should not be able to put a blanket ban on the construction of new coal plants that will not meet current pollution standards,” Pruitt added.

“If states want to build new coal power plants to meet federal standards, they will have to comply.”

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