How Singapore environmental protection inspectors are getting it wrong


The government is not just putting pressure on businesses to improve their environmental standards.

The Singapore Environmental Protection Inspector has been criticised for the way it deals with complaints, too.

The watchdog is a government body which investigates complaints and investigates allegations of misconduct.

But critics say it has the potential to become a powerful tool to pressure businesses to do the right thing.

In a recent report, Singapore’s environment minister, Heng Chai Chin, criticised the agency, saying it had not always been as transparent as the government wanted.

“The agency needs to improve its processes and be more transparent,” he said.

“I believe the agency should provide a clear and comprehensive response to the complaints and issues that we receive.”

He said he was concerned about how the watchdog could use its powers to pressure companies.

“In my opinion, this is a bad idea because we have to trust the agencies and institutions that they are going to act on complaints,” he told ABC News.

Heng has also said that the agency is not an impartial body.

“We don’t want to make them look like the government, the regulator, the government officials,” he wrote in a blog post.

“They are all part of a group, which can have different agendas and motives.”

The Singapore government said in a statement that the inspector was “working in a sensitive and sensitive environment” and was working with stakeholders.

“He is also tasked with working with the local authorities to investigate complaints and to take appropriate action,” the statement said.

In its most recent report in March, the inspector said that it had taken a number of cases under its jurisdiction and investigated them.

“There have been a number complaints about a number agencies regarding their handling of environmental complaints,” it said.

The agency is responsible for investigating all environmental complaints made by the public.

Its work is funded by the Singapore government and by the Office of the Environment Protection Commissioner.

In an interview with the ABC, Chai said he would not comment on individual cases or on the actions taken by the inspector.

“It is a decision made by a court and not by me,” he added.

The department has also been criticised by a number environmental groups.

The environmental group Environmental Defence, which has campaigned for the environment inspector to be abolished, said the watchdog was “a highly politicised agency” and had no independence.

“Its sole purpose is to make money from complaints,” the group’s director, Tan Ching Cheong, told the ABC.

“If this is the best that the environmental watchdog can do, it will be useless.

It will be a moneymaking operation for the government.”

Ching Chong said that environmental organisations were “unaware of how the regulator operates” and that the watchdog’s independence was “not good”.

“The environmental watchdog should be the one deciding whether there are any problems or not,” he explained.

Ching said that in the past, he had “been called a traitor and a liar” by environmental organisations.

He said that he had been “disciplined” in the last three years and had to pay a fine for “not following the law”.

He said the environmental agency should not be allowed to operate like that.

“You should be independent,” he urged.

“No agency should be allowed in this environment.”

The environment inspector’s watchdog also has been accused of being too “aggressive” in its approach to the environmental complaints it receives.

In the past two years, the agency has taken more than 70 complaints, according to the department’s latest report.

Last month, it launched a public consultation on its approach, which it said was focused on helping businesses to identify their environmental risks.

However, the department has been widely criticised for its “aggressive and biased” approach, and said in its recent report that it was working on improving its “emotional and strategic communication” with businesses.

“As a result, we have made significant changes in our approach,” the department said.

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