‘Breathing room’ for legal action against WA mining firms


WA’s environmental protection laws are being used to target the state’s biggest mining firms, who have been accused of destroying fragile rivers and wetlands in their mining operations.

Key points:The environmental laws, which came into effect in April, came into force on April 1 but were suspended for the first time on Thursday due to a major earthquakeThe state’s environment minister said it was “a matter of concern” that the laws were being used against mining firmsKey points :The WA government has suspended all mining activities in the state for the next five years while the laws are reviewedThe state Environment Minister said the laws needed to be reviewed by the courts, and he said he would hold a special meeting of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) next month to discuss the issue.

“This is a matter of worry for me,” Mr Dickson said.

“I would say it’s a matter that I have got to investigate, and I’m looking at all the options and looking at how we can make sure that this continues to happen, so that we’re not seeing anything that we think could possibly be harmful.”

Mr Dickson’s comments come as a new report shows the WA Government has been using the laws to target some of WA’s largest mining firms.

Key Points:Mr Dison said the State Government had suspended all mine operations in the WA state for five yearsThe EPA is examining whether to investigate whether the laws need to be revisitedUnder the new laws, the WA Department of Environment and Heritage (DEPHE) will not allow a mining company to extract uranium or coal from an area.

Mr Dixon said the law was “designed to stop this happening” and that there was “very strong support” for it in WA.

“The law is designed to prevent the dumping of toxic substances into rivers and streams,” he said.”[It’s] not just a matter for environmental protection, it’s about ensuring that the people of the state are protected.”

We need to have the law in place and the laws in place, so there is a chance that we can continue to protect the environment, and that’s the main thing.”WA Environment Minister, Andrew Doyle, has said the environmental laws were “designed for a specific purpose”The EPA has issued a report outlining how it plans to review the laws, and Mr Dison is expected to brief a special WA cabinet meeting on the issue next month.

The report said the state Government had used the laws against mining companies to stop their operations.

It found that in April 2017, WA had lost one-third of its land and resources to mining activities.”

Our government has decided that the only appropriate way to protect and preserve these precious resources is to suspend the mining of the vast majority of these land and mineral resources for the foreseeable future,” the report said.

Mr Doyle said the new regulations were designed for a particular purpose.”

In order to do this, we need to look at the law as it is, not as it could be changed,” he told reporters on Thursday.”

It needs to be made clear that the actions taken in April do not mean that we are going to suspend mining, they do not guarantee the continued operation of existing mining operations, and there is very strong support for the continued mining of these resources in the region.

“Mr Doyle did not name the mining companies affected by the moratorium, but said they included a number of well-known mining firms in WA including Rio Tinto, Rio Gold and Rio SA.”

There is support for a moratorium and the people are fully aware that this will have a very significant impact on their businesses, and in particular their businesses in Western Australia,” he added.”

If we are to continue to work towards a sustainable future for our state, we have to be aware that some of these companies have been operating in the past and some of them are in the future.

“They are a significant part of the economy of Western Australia.”

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