A little bit of a tale of two environmental protections


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to release its final rules for the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, later this year.

This comes on the heels of an earlier draft by the Obama administration, which also proposed sweeping new rules on air pollution.

The final rule could set the stage for the demise of the entire environmental protection system.

But for now, the rules are being rolled out and the EPA has been able to issue its final rule with few restrictions.

While the final rules are a critical step toward reducing the risk of environmental disasters, they don’t come without risks.

Some environmental regulations could cause harm, and many of them have been criticized for their excessive and unnecessary use of science to make their case.

But the EPA’s rules don’t appear to have the potential to cause the kind of problems that would be so dangerous.

In fact, in some ways they may actually be helping to prevent future disasters.

This is partly because they’re a more rigorous set of rules than the ones the EPA used in its first draft, in 2014.

They are more stringent than previous rules for carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides, and more stringent still than previous standards for ozone, mercury, and lead.

And they take a more nuanced approach to addressing climate change, focusing on other threats and not just one.

The rules are still largely focused on the risks that they pose to people, like the threat that people will die as a result of a CO2 buildup, but they do address other problems like the spread of dioxins and other pollutants, and they limit their impact to the areas where they’re needed most.

While it’s true that some of these rules will have negative impacts, they won’t be as harmful as those that are already in place.

In other words, they’re unlikely to cause major problems like CO2 poisoning, dioxin poisoning, or other potential problems that might cause serious health problems or even death.

The Rules of the Road: Protecting the Environment in the 21st Century There’s a lot more to the rulemaking process than the rules themselves, but the rules will likely be released in the spring of 2019, according to the EPA.

The rulemaking will be overseen by a team of experts and by a set of public comments, which will likely take place during a time when the U.N. is also convening to discuss the threats posed by climate change.

But if the rules do cause a lot of problems, that doesn’t mean the rules won’t eventually be rolled back or even eliminated.

The EPA has a history of doing just that.

As a rule, the EPA generally only rules on the most important problems, such as CO2, ozone, or mercury, rather than rules on more important problems like carbon dioxide.

And it was only in the last year or so that the EPA moved toward the more comprehensive rulemaking approach that we see today.

In that process, the agency made the rule requiring carbon dioxide to be added to the national inventory of pollutants a key component of its new greenhouse gas regulations, for example.

But it didn’t rule on other issues.

For example, the rule did not require that the U of S produce data on the use of mercury in air and water.

In addition, there are other rules that could make things more difficult for the EPA to enforce.

For instance, the final rule will require a lot less pollution from certain sources to be regulated than a previous draft, which could have made it harder to regulate pollution from oil and gas wells, for instance.

That’s because the rules include a much more detailed and broad approach to regulating emissions from these sources than the draft rule that was released in 2015.

As with the draft, the draft also included a requirement for companies to get permits to pollute from certain areas of the country.

But there was also a major loophole that the draft did not address.

The draft allowed the EPA and other agencies to issue permits to any polluters anywhere in the country without having to have a permit at all.

That means that the rule didn’t require that any industry in the United States had to meet certain environmental standards to get a permit, and it allowed the federal government to issue pollution permits for anyone anywhere in a certain region of the United Sates.

The Final Rule Will Be a Disaster If the rules actually go into effect, they could be disastrous.

For one, the regulations could make it more difficult to prevent the spread and spread of other potentially dangerous pollutants.

For another, the proposed rules could have the unintended consequence of discouraging companies from building new power plants, which are typically the largest source of CO2 emissions.

For the EPA, it’s likely that they’ll face an uphill battle to get the rule finalized.

But as the rule is finalized and the public comments are turned in, there’s an opportunity to make the EPA act to make sure that the rules don,t, and can’t cause harm.

And that’s the only way the EPA

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