How to help save the world from climate change

The planet is facing a huge threat from climate disruption, the World Resources Institute has warned.Key points:Australia and China have the world’s biggest carbon emissions, with a quarter of world output in Australia and 20% in ChinaSource: WRIA pollWorld leaders have agreed that the world needs to move to a 100% renewable energy future by


How to fight the ‘fake news’ craze

Posted October 02, 2018 04:11:51 It’s the age-old battle for journalism.If you want to do journalism, you must fight the fake news machine.This is how.In fact, this is how you will fight the media’s own fake news obsession.It’s not enough to say that fake news is an affront to the truth.It is also not enough


How to get the EPA’s attention on global warming

A year ago, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy was on the front lines of a battle over the agency’s climate change policy.McCarthy was pushing the agency to focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as it faced a looming showdown with Congress over its new climate plan.Now, as McCarthy heads to Washington, D.C., to negotiate with members


How to protect yourself from a new type of environmental threat

With the introduction of the new Apple Watch, Apple’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection has been highlighted in a series of announcements.Now, Apple is also taking the lead in creating a new category of eco-friendly accessories that include a variety of smartwatches that are designed to protect the environment.The new EcoWatch series includes a


How to talk to an elephant about sexual harassment

Ethics are a hot-button topic right now for the entertainment industry, which has had to deal with allegations of sexual harassment and bullying for decades.Now, thanks to an anti-harassment law in place in the United States, a growing number of actors and actresses have gone public with their experiences with sexual harassment in Hollywood, which

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