Which environmental groups will stand up to Trump?

Environmental protection organisations, which include Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and, have already warned Trump that they will not back down if he wants to roll back the Paris climate deal.But now that they’ve spoken out, what are their next steps?Read moreWe’ve been invited to speak to the Sierra and 350 representatives who have been


How to get rid of ‘all’ of the CO2 in your home

A report commissioned by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) suggests that there should be a complete ban on CO2-emitting products, and that it is better to burn all the wood in your house than let it become toxic.The report, which was released on Thursday by the Irish Council for Scientific Research


Why are Canada’s air pollution standards so low?

The Canadian Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Impact Assessment of a proposed $8.2 billion air pollution plan unveiled in June 2018 says that Canadian air pollution will be “near-zero” by 2025.In contrast, the United States has the lowest air pollution rates among OECD countries with a per capita income of $31,500, according to data from the


How to Stop The War Against Nature

Here are the five key steps you can take to stop the war against nature.1.Be More Than a “Good Samaritan”2.Make It Personal3.Don’t Just Agree with the Environment4.Be Creative5.Take A Stand7.Find Out What’s Going On With The War on Nature9.Help Out Your Local Area10.Stop Killing Wildlife11.Join a Local Environmentalist12.Take Control of Your Environment13.Be a Good Neighbor14.Get


How to make sure that the climate changes

I’ve seen this question a lot lately, so I’m not sure if I should reply to it or not.Here are my thoughts: 1.Do not make the climate change issue a political issue.2.We need to stop making excuses for climate change.3.The IPCC reports show that humans are causing the warming of the planet.4.We are destroying our


Nike’s CEO apologizes for ‘insensitive’ comments

Nike is being criticized by environmental groups after a video of its CEO apologizing for the company’s “insensitive” remarks about a climate change controversy.The video, which was released Thursday and posted to YouTube, features Nike CEO Mark Parker admitting that the company “is making a mistake” by not doing more to combat climate change.In the


Climate change is a national security threat

By Dan Merica and David Filipov article Climate change, environmental degradation and conflicts with other nations are becoming more frequent as the world warms, according to an analysis by the Center for a New American Security, a Washington-based think tank.The report, titled “Climate Change and Security,” notes that climate change has caused a rise in

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